Fall Winter 2018

ANISSA AIDA… is a slow womenswear fashion line with minimal aesthetic drawing inspiration from traditional garments from Tunisia and Japan. These two cultures are rich in heritage, knowledge and craftsmanship. Over three thousand years of history, Tunisia remained open to all the civilizational inflow.

Many guiding threads seem to link kimonos, « jebbas », « djellabas », caftans, sarouel pants and so forth: the cut, the geometry, the structure, the textures, the colors have a common language to reflect tradition and modernity. Those ancestral apparels represent limitless sources of inspiration.

ANISSA AIDA…’s mission statement is to achieve modern sophistication together with timeless classics through thoughtful choices concerning cuts and silhouettes as well as fabric selection. Valuing the authenticity, the line is using techniques that are close to disappearing such as the artisan level craft of hand-weaving silk.

MOSAIC fall winter 2018/19 collection meets halfway between East and West, past and future, tradition and modernity. The patchworks used are reminiscent of the Japanese Boro principles and aesthetics: textiles that have been mended or patched together from leftovers, usually indigo dyed fabrics. Boro textiles embrace respect for the singularity of things, as well as esteem for labor and available resources, which is much the opposite to today’s consumption-oriented life patterns.