Fall Winter 2019

Mediterranean Waves, the new ANISSA AIDA... collection for FW 19/20, is in line with the vision of the brand and in continuity with previous collections: creating an interaction between clothes and cultures and a dialogue between Tunisian and Asian traditional garments. The aim is to lead a minimalist style and a modern sophistication together while effortlessly chic.

This collection is inspired by the Mediterranean life style, using a color palette composed of shades of blue and white reminiscent of the sea, the sky and coastal villages like Mikonos or Sidi Bou Saïd. An accent of yellow sand warms this FW collection of Mediterranean sunbeams. Pearl grey and black complete the palette harmoniously.

The collection brings some newness with the introduction of transparencies and the layering of textures. The fabrics are mostly natural: virgin wool, handwoven silk and cotton, jacquard tencel, corderoy, sateen cotton, silk chiffon, organza. A touch of neoprene mech brings some lightness.

Cuts are, as usual, geometrical and structured. The silhouettes are modern and zen with very feminine accents. The ANISSA AIDA.. signatures are omnipresent: stripes evoking the hammam foutas, asymmetries, short pants or pants with wide slits, oversized coats, kimonos, generous denim use, destructured dresses both strict and sensual, jumpsuits, Chinese collars, etc...

This 20 looks collection was presented on the runway, and acclaimed during Harbin Fashion Week, China.

The label’s mission is to preserve cultural heritage by re-interpreting local ancestral techniques. Conscious about the impact the Fashion industry has on the environment, ANISSA AIDA.. values sustainable sourcing and collaborations with artisans.